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What Makes Craig Different?

Venture beyond the surface with someone who champions the unadorned truth.

Direct and to the point, Craig's approach disrupts the industry norm.

Craig is an analyst who engages with you, not just once, but throughout the year, ensuring a relationship that grows and adapts.

Globetrotting for the freshest insights and knowledge, he is at the vanguard of AI and learning tech in the industry.

No frills, no deception—just pure, unvarnished facts.

Craig’s independence is your advantage. As the Learning Systems Pirate, he charts unexplored territories in learning systems and learning tech, constantly seeking out new horizons.

Acknowledged as the top influencer and expert, Craig stays ahead of the curve, identifying trends before they become mainstream.

Craig’s mission is perpetual growth—learning endlessly, exploring ceaselessly, and acknowledging the next wave of innovation before it arrives on the industry's shores.