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Analyst Services

25 Services and Counting

We offer an unlimited services approach – pick what you want, change, add more without an additional cost. One price point per month. This is just a few of our services.

  • Brand positioning including Share of Model

  • Product Development – What works, what doesn’t and what you need to consider

  • Business Development including Share of Model

  • Marketing Strategy – The entire package

  • Business Intelligence including your competitors

  • USPs

  • Latest trends and forecasts – With a track record of over 92% success rate

  • On-site presentations or online (Available to Energy clients, minimum of six months; Included in E-Energy Package)

  • Elite of FindAnLMS (Available only with the E-Energy Package)

  • Newest learning technologies and AI insight

  • **Attending meetings with your potential investors or talking with them directly via the phone,
    or online (Available only with the E-Energy Package)