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About Craig Weiss

Beyond Boundaries: Pioneering E-Learning for a Global Digital Village

Marshall McLuhan famously proclaimed, "The medium is the message... we live in a global village," a sentiment that perfectly encapsulates my three-decade journey in learning and training. I was never content to follow; I sought to pioneer, to venture beyond the conventional and transform the learning experience. E-learning, I discovered, was the key—a tool to unite learners from across the globe in a shared digital space, free from the constraints of the traditional method that others prescribed to.​​

My early endeavors involved forging an online student network, a digital agora where ideas, insights, and knowledge flowed freely. It was an era where CompuServe was our medium, and unity our message.​​

Today, the mediums have evolved—learning systems, technologies, and artificial intelligence define our toolkit. But it is not the tools themselves that excite me; it is their potential when harnessed effectively to redefine learning and training. My vision is not to simply cast the latest tech into the marketplace, but to use it as a lever for true transformation.​​

When I established my company in 2010, it was with the resolution to stand apart. My passion for e-learning is boundless; it is a fervent love affair fueled by voracious reading and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Each night, as I peruse over 15 publications, I search not for what is, but for what could be, eschewing the past and embracing future possibilities.​​

I firmly believe in individuality; every person thinks differently and approaches their goals uniquely. McLuhan's words resonate deeply with me: "As a rule, I always look for what others ignore."

My aspiration is that you will also see that what I offer strays from the beaten path. We need not all abide by the rules.​​

Let us be the architects of new paradigms, you and I, together.​​​