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Thanks to Craig's unique ability to tap into specialized networks and resources and delve into insights that remain uncharted by conventional analysis.

With his expertise, you'll gain exclusive access to the most effective learning systems, cutting-edge learning technologies, AI innovations relevant to you and you're training and learning needs, and comprehensive third-party content.

Craig's industry recognition isn't just a testament to his knowledge—it's your gateway to empowerment. He opens doors that remain closed for others, offering you the leverage you need to excel.


Analyst Driven


Meet Craig, the analyst with the courage to deliver the unvarnished truth. He's not here to applaud your efforts but to forge a path to tangible growth and new business opportunities.

With Craig, you get the guidance needed to innovate and elevate, not just empty praise.

Want to tap into AI with your system or tech?

Craig will provide information about what is happening in the industry and where you should go.

He will tell you about the latest around LLMs and if your system has a necessity or needs it.

Because in the world of business, substance triumphs over spectacle.

Find out why Craig is the analyst that has the knowledge to help drive your system’s success.



Embrace the future with confidence.

Rely on Craig’s deep expertise that spans from AI
in the workplace to cutting-edge learning systems,
learning technology, to e-learning strategic planning.

Craig stands apart—completely independent, entirely unbiased.

Craig will be your advocate in a sea of options.


Cutting through the hype

Delve beyond the surface and cut through the noise. ​

Dispense with the hearsay and discover what truly matters—the facts, stripped of any deception.

​​Craig's method is straightforward—no fluff, no deception, just the unadulterated truth. ​

He navigates beyond the smoke and mirrors vendors might display, delivering clarity and honesty in every analysis. ​​


Insight That Makes A Difference

While many proclaim their expertise, we offer you authentic industry mastery.

​​At the forefront is Craig Weiss, a trailblazer in corporate e-learning with over two decades of dedicated online learning experience.​​

Craig’s rich background encompasses creating, evolving, and leading successful learning initiatives tailored for customers, employees, associations, and multi-agency collaborations. His hands-on approach has seen him navigate the complexities of the industry from the ground up.​​

He possesses the strategic insight to transform your online learning strategy  from under utilization, to high utilization by cultivating widespread engagement among your employees, customers and members. From lack of revenue, to an ROI that shows profit in the first year. ​

With Craig, you’re not just leveraging knowledge—you’re activating a legacy of e-learning success.​


Strategy For Growth

What fuels the engine of business triumph?

​​It's the sharp insight and strategic tools that propel you beyond your rivals, complete with unique selling propositions that set you apart.​​

Consider the pricing strategy that resonates best with your clients.

Imagine discovering untapped markets your competitors overlook.​​

Evaluate the gaps in your product.

​​Identify the right AI that not only integrates with your solution(s) but evolves with them.​​

Consider what it takes to consistently achieve victories over defeats.​​

We are here to navigate these questions with you, to unlock the strategies and solutions that drive success, and to equip you with the insights you need to not just compete, but lead.​

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Analyst. Advisor. Consultant.

LMS. Learning Systems. Learning Tech. AI. E-Learning.

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LMS. Learning Systems. Learning Tech. AI. E-Learning.


Why Choose Craig Weiss?

Analyst. Advisor. Consultant.
These terms are ubiquitous, yet they are precisely what encapsulate the essence of Craig Weiss's expertise.
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Analyst Driven

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Cutting Through The Hype

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Insight Makes A Difference

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Strategy For Growth

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Acute Analyst Services

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Ready to get moving?

See how quickly your team can start delivering business-ready data with the Craig Weiss Group


In today's complex digital learning landscape, it's a formidable challenge to find an expert with a profound and holistic understanding of the learning system, learning technology, digital tools, artificial intelligence, and even third-party content providers.

The norm often fragments expertise; companies might hire one consultant for strategy, another for technology, and yet another for content. Alternatively, they might turn to consultants from HR or tech firms who, despite their best efforts, may not possess a deep-seated knowledge of the learning system/tech industry.

But why settle for a piecemeal approach when you can have a seasoned connoisseur of the e-learning domain? A true specialist whose expertise bridges all aspects of e-learning — from system selection to tech integration, from leveraging AI to curating third-party content. This is the level of acumen that elevates your learning system, e-learning, and learning tech strategy from ordinary to extraordinary.


1.**Expertise**: Is your consultant experienced in heading a Training or Learning & Development (L&D) department? Have they successfully implemented an e-learning program from the ground up, including the selection of a learning system and the development of specific requirements, use cases, and more?

2.**Insight**: Can they delve into the details, uncovering the critical information that vendors might overlook or withhold? Are they skilled in probing for answers to questions you might not even know to ask?

3.**Pricing Knowledge**: Does your expert truly understand how learning system pricing works? Are they familiar with the full range of cost considerations that could impact your budget?

4.**Negotiation Skills**: Are they adept negotiators who can anticipate and counteract the tactics vendors often use to their advantage?

5.**Market Awareness**: Does your specialist track a vast range of over 1,400 learning systems globally, well beyond the commonly known ones? Do they have a pulse on the market and its emerging trends?

6.**AI Integration**: How well do they understand the nuances of incorporating Artificial Intelligence into your learning system/tech to enhance learning outcomes?

7.**Versatility**: Is their experience diverse, encompassing customer training, association member training, and employee training, whether separately or in a blended approach involving both employees and clients? Choosing a partner with this comprehensive skill set ensures a robust and competitive learning systems/learning tech strategy tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Consultant Services

Ready to get moving?

See how quickly your team can start delivering business-ready data with the Craig Weiss Group

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