The Triple Pack - Gen AI & Three Learning Systems & Presentation

$ 4,399.00

Buying a Learning System (LMS, LXP, Learning Platform, etc.) with generative AI can be challenging. It goes beyond a standard or even a robust RFP.  It goes beyond asking general questions about generative AI.  Today, it requires an expert in Gen-AI along with an expert in identifying, selecting, and recommending the best learning systems that meet your needs.  

Craig Weiss is recognized as the #1 expert in generative-ai for L&D, Training, and learning tech (including learning systems).  He knows the "ins and "outs" of the different types of LLMs in the marketplace.  ChatGPT, for example, is just one LLM.  He knows the pertinent questions to ask a vendor who is including or offering generative AI in their system.  He knows how to separate fact from fiction.  

Craig is recognized as the #1 expert and influencer in the learning tech (incl. learning systems), L&D, and Training segments.  He tracks over 1,400 learning systems around the world. Analyzes and publishes a Top 50 every year.  

Why pay two consultants when you only need one to deliver you results?

But that's not all.  Craig will present a one-hour session to your department around generative AI, covering the information you need to know and understand. How to offset what your employees/customers or members are utilizing programs such as ChatGPT in the workplace. 

He knows the terms today and what is coming soon.  He knows the benefits/weaknesses of vs ChatGPT. How many "consultants" in the L&D or Training segments know across the board and in-depth generative AI?

Only one. 

And you receive all of this in one pack—a first in the industry. 

Contact Craig to discover and learn more about this three-in-one pack.  The call is free. 

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