About Craig Weiss

Craig Weiss is the CEO and Lead Analyst for the Craig Weiss, Group LLC. (formally known as E-Learning 24/7)

He is on the advisory board for The Moment (HQ in the UK), a firm that creates all forms of content including VR/AR/MR courses. 

Craig has been named the most influential person in the world for e-learning and the LMS space. 

Heis recognized as the leading expert in the new immersive learning field (VR/AR/MR). 

Craig is the co-chair of the training committee for VRARA (largest VR association in the world)

He writes the E-Learning 24/7 blog, which is read in 174 countries, territories and colonial territories. He is on the advisory board for The Moment located in Plymouth and London, England. 

Craig has been involved in the e-learning industry since the late 90's. His experience as a former training director and manager, in creating and launching successful online learning programs including purchasing LMSs gives him a perspective rarely found with other analysts and consultants. 

Craig speaks regularly at conferences, events, and companies around the world.

 If you are interested in having Craig speak at your conference, company or event, please contact him.