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$ 2,800.00

Wishing there was someone out there who had the expertise and knowledge to find the best LMS that meets your needs, requirements, and budget?

Well, let Craig Weiss, identified as the expert in the LMS industry and the most influential person in the world for e-learning, be that person to find you the best system(s) that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Services include:

  • Identify and recommend three LMSs that meet your needs and budget
  • Final report including deep analysis of each system and a comparison chart with details about each vendor
  • 60 days post support (after you select and sign a contract with one of the vendors recommended by E-Learning 24/7)
  • We can negotiate a price for you, ensuring that you get the best and lowest price possible - Exclusive pricing 
  • Independent Analysis and Research
  • 30-day sandbox from each vendor 

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