Find an LMS Service

Completely overwhelmed?  Unsure of the LMS terminology and industry?  Never selected a system before?  Or selected a system and have been burned?

Wishing there was someone out there who had the expertise and knowledge to find the best LMS that meets your needs, requirements and budget?

Craig Weiss, with over 17 years experience in the LMS industry and e-learning will find the right LMS for your company, meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Craig tracks over 690 systems around the world.  His "How to Guide for an LMS" will be published in May 2016 by ATD (the leading professional association in the L&D space)

  • Craig will find you three LMSs that meet your requirements and budget
  • Negotiate on your behalf ensuring you land the best deal possible
  • Include six months post support, providing you with assurances that he will be with you every step of the way
  • You will receive a 30-day sandbox from each vendor, along with some initial training from each vendor on how to use the system (at no charge)
  • Need some recommendations for an authoring tool or web conferencing? Included at no charge as part of our service
  • Interested in learning more?

    Let's chat. We'll listen.  Contact us at 714-855-1774 or by E-mail: Craig Weiss